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FSRN, Nov. 22, 2010
Brazilians Celebrate Black Consciousness Day
Over the weekend, Brazilians celebrated the annual Black Consciousness day. The date commemorates the anniversary of the death of Brazil's historic black leader, Zumbi dos Palmares. Events were held across the country, which is home to the largest black population outside of Africa. Mike Fox has more from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

FSRN, Oct. 29, 2010
Brazilians Head to Polls for Presidential Run-off Election
Brazilians take to the polls again this Sunday for the second and final round of the Presidential elections. Worker’s party candidate, Dilma Rousseff leads conservative candidate Jose Serra in the polls. But it has not been an easy campaign. The second round debate has centered on abortion, religion, scandals, and a mainstream media campaign against the left-wing front-runner. Mike Fox has more from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

NPR - Planet Money, Oct 4, 2010,
How Fake Money Saved Brazil (Producer/ Tape Sync)
This is a story about how an economist and his buddies tricked the people of Brazil into saving the country from rampant inflation. They had a crazy, unlikely plan, and it worked.

FSRN, Oct 1, 2010,
Candidates Vie to Follow Lula’s Popularity in Brazil Elections
The first round of the Brazilian Presidential, legislative and local elections takes place Sunday. The Worker’s Party, or PT, could win a Congressional majority, and their Presidential Candidate, Dilma Rousseff, is well ahead in the polls.  If she can win over 50 percent of the votes she can propel herself into the presidency without a second round.  Mike Fox has more from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

FSRN, Sept 27, 2010,
Homeless World Cup Change Lives Through Sport
In Rio de Janeiro, soccer players concluded the Homeless World Cup. Hundreds of homeless men and women from dozens countries participated in this year’s tournament, drawing crowds of thousands.  But the event isn’t just about soccer, organizers say it’s also about changing lives.  From Copacabana Beach, Mike Fox has more.

FSRN, Oct 26, 2009,
Uruguay's Leftist Coalition Wins Elections, But Still Faces Runoff
Uruguay’s ruling party, the leftist coalition, Frente Amplio, took a bittersweet victory in Uruguay’s Presidential elections yesterday.  They acquired nearly 47 percent of the total votes, but fell short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff.  Meanwhile, two closely watched referendums, which look to address the wrongs of Uruguay’s former dictatorship were also voted down.  FSRN'S Mike Fox has more from Montevideo.

FSRN, Aug 21, 2009,
World Cup 2014 vs the Environment
Porto Alegre is one of 12 Brazilian cities that will host matches during the 2014 soccer World Cup.   The decision was made in early June and it has thrust this city of 1.5 million people into a heated debate around citywide development plans for the international soccer tournament.  World Cup plans have pitted environmentalists and community members against developers and soccer fans.  FSRN reporter Mike Fox has more from Porto Alegre.

FSRN, July 1, 2009,
Cyber Freedom Activists Gather in Brazil
Open Source or Free Software is computer software that is open to be modified, shared and distributed freely.  It is seen as an alternative to copyrighted software, which may contain features to spy on users, and restrict what we can do without our knowledge. While many of us use the internet and software without thinking much about who created it and how it works, there´s a growing cyber freedom movement that´s raising awareness on these isssues. Mike Fox has more from Porto Alegre, Brazil, where thousands recently gathered for the 10th International Forum on Free Software.

FSRN, May 22, 2009,
Porto Alegre's 20th Anniversary of Participatory Budgeting
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Over the last two decades, the city has gained worldwide recognition for the innovative process, which allows city residents to decide on a chunk of the city budget.  This year’s round of budgeting began over the last month with two dozen regional assemblies, but while participation has been high, many residents say the process is in trouble.  Mike Fox has more from Porto Alegre.

FSRN, April 17, 2009,
South American Leaders Decree New Currency
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, or ALBA for its Spanish acronym, was created five years ago between Cuba and Venezuela as an option to the US-backed Free Trade Area of the Americas.  Since its founding, three more nations have joined, and ALBA has implemented numerous social programs and cooperation agreements, including the recently-founded ALBA bank. On Thursday, in advance of the Summit of the Americas, Latin America’s most progressive governments met in Venezuela at the seventh ALBA summit.  There, they prepared their positions for the Trinidad summit, and signed the decree for a new South American currency. Mike Fox has more from Cumaná, Venezuela.

FSRN, April 13, 2009,
Venezuela's Seventh Coup Anniversary
Last weekend marked the seventh anniversary of a short-lived coup d’etat against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. But this year, Chavez supporters have even more reason to celebrate the occasion, since it coincides with the conviction of officers involved in the coup d’etat – which claimed as many as 22 lives and knocked Chavez from office for a brief 48 hours in 2002. Mike Fox has more from Caracas.

FSRN, Jan 13, 2009,
Reporter's Notebook
Brazil's Landless Worker's Movement, the MST, is one of the most highly regarded social movements in the hemisphere. You've heard about them recently on FSRN, when they won an important victory in Southern Brazil, and 700 families received land in a region violently controlled by large landowners for centuries. But many of the story's complexities are difficult to cover in a hard news report. So today we bring you a first hand account: a Reporter's Notebook, to provide some personal context to the region, the movement and the victory.  Michael Fox is the FSRN reporter who marched with the MST in the days leading up to the victory.

FSRN, Dec. 19, 2008,
Brazil's MST Scores Big Victory
In countries where most of the land is in the hands of a very tiny portion of the population, agrarian reform is often an uphill battle. But in Brazil, after many years of struggle, the Landless Worker's Movement – MST – achieved a tremendous victory this week in the country's Southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul. For the first time, hundreds of families acquired land in a region which for hundreds of years, large landowners had violently defended as theirs. Mike Fox has more from Brazil.