sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

100 Years – Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire

4:43pm. It’s cold. Calm. Out of the open window a sharp breeze cuts in from the West. I sit and listen to the sound of the city. I look towards Manhattan, the buildings off in the distance. So far away and yet so close. So long ago and yet so recent. On a day probably much like today, with the lingering sting of winter still stalling the arrival of spring. Workers readying to leave their offices and factories. And then a flame, which catches the material and ignites the whole floor. The rest is history. In 18 minutes, 146 were dead. Many of them leaped to their deaths when they tried to escape and found the emergency exits locked. 100 years ago. The past is the present, and I sit, and listen. Silence. 4:45pm. The moment the first alarms sounded. Elsewhere churches, schools and fire houses are ringing their bells in memory. Elsewhere, people are reading the names of victims. Here, I am in silent remembrance, as high wispy clouds slowly ride past. We can only hope that their history, our history, will serve to teach us well, and that it will be remembered.

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