quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

South of the Ballot Box

Here's a great review of our 2008 documentary, Beyond Elections, by NACLA's Todd Miller.

"After the midterm elections in November, headlines throughout the United States trumpeted the news of the great Republican comeback. The voters had spoken, and once again it was time to go home and wait until the next opportunity to vote. But what if elections weren’t the exclusive focus of democratic practice? Anyone interested in the question of radical democracy, more in practice than in theory, would do well to watch Beyond Elections. The documentary turns to the urban neighborhoods, rural communities, immigrant organizations, and worker collectives that span the Americas, from Argentina to the Bronx—all of them experimenting with collective decision making in the spaces where they live and work." To read more. To watch the film, visit www.beyondelections.com

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