terça-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2009

Reporter's Notebook: Covering Brazil's Landless Movement

Audio Report from FSRN
Tuesday 13, January 2009

Brazil's Landless Worker's Movement, the MST, is one of the most highly regarded social movements in the hemisphere. You've heard about them recently on FSRN, when they won an important victory in Southern Brazil, and 700 families received land in a region violently controlled by large landowners for centuries. But many of the story's complexities are difficult to cover in a hard news report. So today we bring you a first hand account: a Reporter's Notebook, to provide some personal context to the region, the movement and the victory. Michael Fox is the FSRN reporter who marched with the MST in the days leading up to the victory.

FSRN News Report
3:51 minutes (3.52 MB)

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